My very earliest childhood memories include the quiet hum of a sewing machine.

I spent precious time in Washington as a young girl with my grandma who lived in a very humble home. In her basement was a sewing work shop of sorts. When I picture this room I can still smell the aroma of a warm wood burning stove and hear the pitter patter of a Seattle rain storm outside. This special room was filled with everything that one could need to create. Thimbles and spools of vintage threads lined the shelves of wooden cabinets on the walls. The closets were overflowing with colorful, retro fabric scraps and hundreds of used patterns. Pins and scissors were scattered about and more than anything I LOVED to be in the chaos alongside my grandmother.

Her gift was incredible. She could take something ordinary... and turn it into extraordinary. Those piles of wrinkled fabric could be totally transformed. I was amazed that with a vision, a steady hand and a sewing machine, the results could be anything from an elaborate gorgeous ball gown to a hip and sporty jogging suit.

Her passion for perfection and attention to detail was evident in all her work. She began designing for various organizations and sold many of her original patterns and designs.

Naturally, I was taught to sew at at a very young age. My Mother taught sewing classes and by default, I was always a student. Sewing, unpicking, and re sewing seams became irritating and I soon learned to do all of my projects right the first time. Stitches were to be straight and perfect...nothing less would do. Hence, instilling in me an eye for detail and quality.

Sage and Harper was born to be a collection of fashionable beauty. My two loves...fabric and leather do exist in complimentary style. My attraction to all things modern, urban, vintage, colorful and classic are evident in my designs and products. I’m always creating and imagining new ideas and combinations. When you wear anything from Sage and Harper I know you’ll feel hip and confident.

Found & Designer | Sage & Harper